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We proudly offer our residents a quiet safe space in our beautiful, purpose built library. Our tranquil library is the ideal location to relax and read a favourite book or get lost in a new one. We encourage all residents to make the most of the space and enjoy the benefits it brings.

Reading aloud or in a group helps individuals to engage their imaginations while also providing topics of conversation for fellow residents and even family members to join in on.

The Power of a Good Book

We appreciate and understand the power that reading can have, particularly reading in groups, in aiding residents to feel happier and more content, especially residents with Dementia. We invite friends and loved ones of our residents to visit us here at The Porterbrook Care Home, and enjoy reading together. Grandchildren and younger visitors are also most welcome to join us and read with or to their relatives.  Our library is more than just a room filled with books, it’s a place where residents can socialise, invite friends and loved ones to join them, participate in conversations, combat loneliness, and so much more.

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Ever Growing Facilities 

Our ethos is to provide the highest quality of life for all of our residents. With a varied activities and entertainment programme, in addition to regular outings and events, every day can be enjoyed to the full. In addition to enhanced wellbeing and an active social life, residents often are able to enjoy increased confidence. Our aim is to foster independence and our experience team is highly focused on delivering the best person-centered care, freeing residents to be able to enjoy their day as they wish.

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Our Library

Ignite Your Imagination

Reading a good book is great for mental and cognitive stimulation to help keep the brain active and engaged. Our library, which includes popular classics such as Jane Austin as well as more modern literature, aims to provide something for everyone; a well-written book can transport individuals to other realms and stimulate the imagination. Whatever genre our residents enjoy, we are confident that there will be something on the shelves to grab their attention; from crime and mystery, biographies, drama, poetry and travel books we’re confident that residents will find something that ignites their imagination.

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The Library at The Porterbrook Care Home

Our purpose-built library is designed to be enjoyed by all residents, and their loved ones when visiting. Our Activity Coordinators dedicate themselves to providing a diverse selection of amenities to all residents, including a library full of books for every type of reader.

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Books for Every Type of Reader

We have stocked our library with a wide variety of books, meaning whatever narrative residents want to immerse themselves in, we’re sure to have something they will enjoy; from autobiographies to romance novels, there are books for every type of reader.

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Discover Something New Everyday

Our Activity Coordinator works hard to ensure that our library has a diverse collection of books, with variety in every genre. Our library homes a huge selection of books and allows our regular visitors to discover something new every day.

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An Evergrowing Collection

We update our book collection on a regular basis, including new releases by a wide range of authors. Not only do our staff and team work hard to add to the already extensive pile of books, we also encourage our residents to suggest recommendations which we happily source and add to our ever growing collection.

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You Matter to us at The Porterbrook Care Home

Our home is built on a foundation of respect for each individual’s needs and wishes, and in providing the flexibility for residents to make their own choices. Strong bonds of trust form between our residents, their families, and our staff, which we believe is a testament to our approach. From the moment you walk into The Porterbrook Care Home, you’ll experience a real difference from more traditional care homes. Our accommodation has been carefully designed to meet both healthcare and privacy needs of our residents and our team is highly focussed on delivering the finest person-centered care, ensuring that each resident feels at home and has everything they should wish for.



Premium Care for You

Our purpose built home boasts an abundance of facilities, all offering residents with a variety of choice and variety to make the most of their days. Our home has been designed so our residents are able to live each day as they wish. Our focus is on ensuring that each resident feels comfortable and safe and has everything they should wish for in their new home. Our aim is to always foster independence and our experienced team is highly focused on delivering the best person-centered care. High-quality care, coupled with first-class services means we are able to deliver premium care to all of our residents, every single day.

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We Welcome You to Contact Us

Our wonderful team is dedicated and on hand to answer any questions you have regarding our beautiful library, and we welcome you to contact us. You are able to reach us by calling 0114 266 0808 or emailing manager@theporterbrookcare.com. Alternatively, you are able to complete our online Enquiry Form and we will get in touch with you. We look forward to hearing from you.