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Residential Care

We are proud to offer Residential Care at The Porterbrook Care Home; delivering health and wellbeing care that is unique and personalised to each resident. Our skilled and dedicated team are loyal, caring and share the same values. We will do all that we can to make you or your loved one feel comfortable settling in, and to feel safe and at home with us. 

Residential Care is well suited to individuals who may need a little extra help with personal care. In addition to assistance where needed, residents are able to enjoy all of our wonderful facilities and social aspects of life when living with us.

Personalised Residential Care For Residents & Loved Ones 

Residential Care is suitable for those who require a little more assistance with their own day-to-day personal care. Residents staying with us can enjoy their meals with us and various social aspects of life in a comfortable and understanding environment, in addition to receiving medical help as and when it’s needed. Before you or a loved one choose to make The Porterbrook Care Home their home, we will have a full consultation on a confidential basis, to discuss needs and requirements. This isn’t just about essential care, it’s about discovering individual likes and dislikes too and preferences of all parties involved.

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A Wealth of Residential Care Knowledge

Our person-centred approach to Residential Care is delivered by specialist staff 24-hours a day, seven days a week. It is incredibly important to us that each of our residents live how they want to, embracing their passions and an active social life.  The levels of care and assistance provided when it comes to Residential Care is entirely unique to each one of our residents and their personal requirements. It truly is dependent on the individual and no matter what level of care is required, our team is always on hand to help.

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You Matter to us at The Porterbrook Care Home

The Porterbrook Care Home strives to assist residents in living the highest quality of life every single day. Free from the stresses and concerns of managing a household or everyday worries, our residents are able to enjoy the benefits of being taken care of by experienced staff who take care of all health concerns, freeing residents to be able to focus on enjoying the day ahead. Our home has been carefully designed to meet both healthcare and privacy needs of our residents, and our highly skilled staff are highly focussed on delivering the finest person-centered care, ensuring that each resident feels at home and has everything they could ever need.

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Understanding & Managing Residential Care

Choosing the most appropriate path of care, whether for yourself or a loved one, is a decision that requires a considerable amount of thought. We understand the challenges that making this type of decision may bring and everyone here at The Porterbrook Care Home go above and beyond to assure all prospective residents, their friends and family that they can rely on us to offer the support and guidance needed to make that decision; we will work hard with everyone involved to determine the best course of action and make the situation and transition as seamless as it can possibly be.

Premium Care for You

Our approach to care is unique for every individual. Before you, or your loved one choose to make The Porterbrook Care Home your home, our full, confidential consultation takes into account not only the care needs but individual likes, dislikes and preferences. Our focus is on ensuring that each resident feels comfortable and safe and has everything they should wish for in their new home. Our aim is to foster independence and our experienced team is highly focused on delivering the best person-centered care; we’re positive residents will find everything they need to feel right at home.

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Inclusive Respite Care

The fees of your stay at The Porterbrook Care Home encompass a number of facilities and supplementary services. Every resident will have access to the medical care, as well as a variety of other services, including:

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GP Access

Residents can schedule and attend appointments with their GP as regularly as required. Access to our chauffeur driven car allows residents to make appointments as and when desired. The cost of GP visits is included within the overall fee.

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Vision Care

Residents have access to an optician, where visual needs will be assessed and treated. This service incurs an additional fee and will be discussed directly with residents and their loved ones.

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Dental Appointments

Residents are able to book appointments with a dentist who will care for residents’ overall oral health and treat any dental needs and/or disease(s). This service incurs additional fees which will be always discussed directly with residents and their family prior to proceeding with treatment.

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Physiotherapy is available here at The Porterbrook Care Home. Experience has shown that undertaking Physiotherapy comes with a multitude of benefits, including improving overall strength, flexibility and coordination. Residents can organise Physiotherapy sessions through a GP or privately.

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1-1 Support

At The Porterbrook Care Home, we offer exclusive 1-1 overall care support to each and every one of our residents and their loved ones.

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Specialised Areas

Our purpose built home offers plenty of specialised areas that are fully equipped to support residents each and every day, allowing them to live as independently as desired. 

Ever Growing Facilities

Our wonderful facilities have been carefully chosen to offer choice and variety to all residents, and our focus is on providing opportunities for residents to live life to the full, entirely their way. With fully equipped areas, both inside and out, and a varied and exciting Activities Programme our residents are able to live each day as they wish. From enjoying the coffee bar, spending quality time with family in our private celebration room, making the most of our luxury cinema, peaceful library and accessible gardens, residents are spoilt for choice on how to spend their days. Our ever growing facilities means no two days ever have to be the same here at The Porterbrook Care Home, and our staff will do all they can to help residents live a rich and fulfilled life.

We Welcome You to Contact Us

Our wonderful team are available to answer any questions you may have regarding Residential Care or any of the care services we offer and welcome you to contact us. You can get in touch by phone on 0114 266 0808 or via email manager@theporterbrookcare.com. You are also able to complete our online Enquiry Form and we will be in touch via your preferred method of contact. We hope to hear from you soon.

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