Cinema Room

Cinema Room

At The Porterbrook, we want our residents to have access to both a variety of entertainment as well as all the things they have always enjoyed. That’s why our home has it’s very own purse-built Cinema Room, designed to allow up to 9 residents or visitors to escape for a couple of hours and enjoy a good film. 

We see the immense benefits that a session of film-watching has on our residents. Our Cinema Room is a great space that can be enjoyed by oneself, with other residents, or with loved ones. It has proven to bring people closer together by allowing them to share moments of laughter, tears and happy memories.

Ever-growing Selection of Films

We constantly seek to grow the selection of films we have on offer and have gone to great efforts to ensure that we have films to suit every resident’s preference. From the older, black and white classics, to the more newer releases, we strive to leave our residents spoilt for choice with a variety of genres. Our excellent Activity Coordinators work hard to make sure our screening sessions are always offering something different and exciting, so no matter what film is playing, it will be sure to spark our resident’s interest.

Cinema Room

What You’ll Find at The Porterbrook

The Porterbrook Care Home has been designed with our residents in mind, prioritising optimal comfort, contentment, and a sense of home. We strongly believe that residents should have the freedom to shape their lives, and we are committed to supporting them in doing so.

Wide Screen

Cinema Treats

Range of Films

Special Showings

Relaxing Seats

Family & Friends Welcome

Cinema Room FAQs

We have worked hard to create a true cinematic experience within the confines of our home. Equipped with a sizable screen and cosy armchairs, complemented by an assortment of classic cinema snacks, our cinema promises residents the ultimate movie-watching retreat.

Our cinema room is open to all our residents, included as part of their monthly fees. Moreover, we encourage residents to bring their relatives and loved ones, offering the convenience of arranging private screenings for residents and their chosen guests.

Our cinema offers a diverse range of titles and genres, carefully selected through active participation from our residents, ensuring inclusivity in our selection. We also regularly showcase televised sports events and arrange group cinema sessions, fostering a sense of community among residents with shared interests, and providing an avenue for meaningful reminiscence therapy.

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