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Outdoor Areas

Our Porterbrook residents have access to an array of outdoor spaces from the courtyard garden, balcony, and terrace where they can stretch their legs, get some fresh air, and enjoy the passing wildlife.

Whether our residents want to spend some time alone reading a book outside or wish to relax on a seat with a loved one, our home has ideal spots for those who enjoy being outside.

Outside Activities

We try to offer as many opportunities outside as possible while the weather permits so that our residents can enjoy the sunshine. We encourage our residents to take part in gardening activities as it provides many health benefits, and we often host games outside which always goes down well with our residents.

Our Garden
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Catch Up With Loved Ones

It’s always nice to get outside, even if it’s just a few feet from our home. We have outside seating in the front and back of the house so that residents can sit outside and have a natter with loved ones during warmer months, while taking in the pleasant view. Our outside balcony also features tables and chairs so residents can sit with a cup of tea (and a few biscuits) while reading a book or newspaper in a peaceful environment.

Our Balcony
Residents with loved ones

What You’ll Find at The Porterbrook

The Porterbrook Care Home has been designed with our residents in mind, prioritising optimal comfort, contentment, and a sense of home. We strongly believe that residents should have the freedom to shape their lives, and we are committed to supporting them in doing so.


Outdoor Seating

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Fresh Air

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Admire Nature

Outdoor Areas FAQs

Encouraging our residents to utilise our outdoor space supports their engagement with the natural environment, facilitating outdoor activities and a sense of wellbeing. This contributes to multiple mental and physical benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety levels, heightened mood, improved cognitive abilities, better heart health, and increased physical stability and strength.

Our residents have the opportunity to engage in several outdoor activities within our outdoor spaces, including walking, gardening, exercise sessions, and, when weather permits, dining with loved ones, participating in outdoor arts and crafts, and enjoying live entertainment.

We have taken steps to guarantee that every resident can enjoy our outdoor areas by establishing wheelchair-accessible paths, providing seating for individuals with mobility challenges, implementing secure fencing and gates, maintaining pathways, installing suitable lighting, and incorporating other safety measures to prevent any accidents and ensure the wellbeing of all residents.

Premium Care for You

At The Porterbrook Care Home in Sheffield, residents and loved ones can rest assured that our team is committed to providing expert advice and support every step of the way.  It is a priority to us that we always provide a homelike environment, as well as first-class care, support, and facilities.

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