Green Fingers

Our residents are getting ‘green fingers’ at their new gardening club.

They’ve been getting busy planting a range of trees, shrubs and flowers in the grounds. There are also plans to plant flower pots, chilli plants, strawberry beds, raspberry bushes and even apple and plum trees!

Research shows that gardening can specifically improve the health of elderly people with dementia in a number of ways. From increasing vitamin D levels, encouraging cardiovascular exercise, increasing the appetite to relieving stress, improving mood, and being a sociable activity to share with friends and carers.

Further scientific studies have shown that just being around plants can have health benefits including lowering blood pressure, improving reaction times, increasing attention span, and lowering levels of anxiety. Recent studies with early-onset dementia patients have also proved that, over a year, participants’ mood and sociability improved.

For many of our residents who have been keen gardeners in the past the gardening club serves as way of bringing back good memories of their own gardens.

Our Home Manager, Sheilagh Sweeney said: “There are so many benefits of gardening, getting out in the fresh air and sunshine, moving and exercising and having the satisfaction of watching the plants grow.”

“We’ve purposely chosen plants and trees that grow fruit, or scented flowers so that our residents can literally enjoy the fruit of their labours.”

“Our residents are loving being able to shape their garden, looking after the plants, watering and weeding, and are already planning what to make with the fruit once it has grown!”

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